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Metric Type Spial Cable Glands


Polyamide 6 and 6.6 are thermoplatic polymers. Both get soft and pour when heated, both get harden and solidified when cooled. This is the repeatable characteristic of polymers.

Polliamide 6.6 has some advantages comparing to Polyamide 6, as follows :


  • Polyamide6 has higher thermal endurance comparing to Polyamide 6.
  • Melting and softening points, deformation temperature under load and maximum operating temperature are higher for Polyamide6.
  • Polyamide6 has a stronger material structure than Polyamide 6.
  • Tensile strength, bending resistance, impact endurance, high abrasive resistance, tensile, flexural and compressive elasticity modules are higher for Polyamide6.

 All of these thermal and mechanical advantages prove the better durability of products made of Polliamide 6.6 in outer environment conditions comparing to Polliamide 6.

 On behalf of Onka Electric, we are using Polyamide 6.6 for our Cable Glands production and we clearly accept the superiority comparing to competing products made of Polyamide 6 in the market.